Care-a-Lot Playsets

Care-a-Lot Playsets
  • Bedtime Bear’s Care-a-Lot House
  • Care-a-Lot Beach Party
    • Includes a windsurfer that has wheels,  sandcastle, star buddy on a cloud wearing  sunglasses, Funshine Bear and Tenderheart Bear.  Play Along Toys Ltd.
    • Year: 2003
  • Care-a-Lot Castle 
  • Care-a-Lot Cloud Boat the S.S. Friendship
    • Includes a Cloud Boat with Funshine Bear, Share Bear, two Star Buddy rope lines,  And a propeller that spins as the boat rolls when attached to the boat.  The flag on the boat also spins.  Play Along Toys Ltd.
  • Care-a-Lot Cloud Car
    • Included Cheer Bear & Grumpy Bear
  • Care-a-Lot Ferris Wheel
  • Care-a-Lot Jet Ski
  • Care-a-Lot Motorcycle
  • Care-a-Lot Music Studio
  • Care-a-Lot Plane
  • Care-a-Lot Playground
  • Care-a-Lot Schoolhouse
  • Care-a-Lot Submarine
    • Includes S.S. Seastar Submarine, a seal with a beach ball, turtle, Laugh-a-Lot Bear, and Wish Bear. Play Along Toys Ltd.
  • Care-a-Lot Rainbow Swing
  • Care-a-Lot Ride Around Fun
  • Care-a-Lot Teeter Totter
    • Includes teeter totter, Friend Bear, Wish Bear and two Star Buddies on a cloud. Play Along Toys Ltd.
  • Care-a-Lot Teeter Totter and Rocking Horse
    • Includes a teeter-totter and a rocking horse, a cloud with star buddies, with Wish Bear and Love-a-Lot Bear. Play Along Toys Ltd. 
  • Care-a-Lot Umbrella Lounge
    • Bedtime Bear, Love-a-Lot Bear on a cloud, a Cloud with an umbrella and three Star Buddies. Play Along Toys Ltd.
  • Cheer Bear’s Care-a-Lot House
  •  Funshine Bear’s Care-a-Lot House Includes Funshine Bear on a cloud, Good Luck Bear, play house, boom box, tv, mailbox, two chairs and fold out keyboard. Play Along Toys Ltd.
  • Wish Bear's Care-a-Lot House
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