Welcome to Care Bears Forever!  Care Bears Forever about those loveable, cuddly bears that originated in the 1980s. Featuring pages about different products that were produced from the 1980's until the present.

The Care Bears began as Greeting Cards created by American Greetings. By 1983 cute plush bears were being produced by Kenner. Also in 1983 the Care Bears starred in their first television episode 'The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings' followed by 'The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine' 1984. From 1985-1988 the Care Bears starred in their own television series made by DIC and Nelvana. In addition to the television episodes the Care Bears had four different films, 'The Care Bears Movie', 'The Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation', 'The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland' and, 'Care Bears Nutcracker Suite'. 'The Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation', introduced a new family members, the Care Bear Cousins.

In 2002 with the increasing popularity of 1980's, the Care Bears were reintroduced. This had previously happened in 1991 with Those Characters from Cleveland and Kenner producing the Environmental Care Bears that included eight bears and in 1995 with the Shopko Bears. Play-Along Toys produced a variety of plush bears for purchase. The Care Bears also showed up on TV with a TV show and six more films, 'Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-Lot' in 2004, 'The Care Bears' Big Wish Movie' in 2005, 'Care Bears: Oopsy Does It' in 2007, 'Care Bears: Share Bear Shines' in 2010, 'Care Bears: To the Rescue in 2010', and 'Care Bears: The Giving Festival' in 2010.

The Care Bears and Care Bear cousins were known for their caring personalities, cute tummy symbols and heart tush tags.

Look for more Care Bear products to come in time for Christmas of 2012.  As of right now the only products available are through Japan.