Vintage Random Products 1980-1999

Vintage Random Products 1980-1999
Mostly items that I haven’t figured out where to put yet.
  • Child's Swim Float Wish Bear child's float - says " Float and play the day away!" Large float that wraps part way around the child. - By American Greetings 
  • Child's Swim Float Set of arm floats - one is Love-a-Lot and one is Funshine.- By American Greetings 
  • Care Bear Gummi Bears -  package of Gummi candies in the shape of Care Bears with Tenderheart on front of package. - By Promotion In
  • Collector Cards Collector cards  made in Italy by Baio. - BY Those Characters From Cleveland    
  • Movie Cell This original hand painted cell shows one of the main care bears, Love-a-Lot, kneeling at the base of 3 green corkscrew trees to hide or retrieve a heart.     Picture needed
  • Movie Cell. This has Champ Bear in it.    
  • Trash Can Care Bear Cousins trash can.  
  • Trash Can White Care Bear trash can. Also came in blue
  • Good Luck School Banner Four foot school banner with honeycomb tissue. Says Good Luck and pictures 7 care bears with varius school activities. -By American Greetings
  • Care Bear table decoration - Tenderheart and Friend Bear on it.     Click for picture
  • Care Bear honeycomb decortion. - Funshine Bear     Click for picture
  • Umbrella Umbrella with 4 yellow and 4 white panels. White pannels have the Care Bears logo. White plastic ball on the top, metal shaft, and a white plastic handle. The umbrella is self retractable, with snap fastener and yellow name tag holder attached to the top of the handle.     Picture needed
  • Wish Bear picture frame.     Click for picture
  • Goodluck Honecomb Decorations     Picture needed
  • Care Bear Birthday wrapping paper. it says"fill your day with fun.     Picture needed
  • Kite This is a 50 inch Care Bear Plastic Delta Kite with keel. Across the top of this triangular kite it says "Funshine Day !" Then there are pictures of two of the 1991 Care Bears - Share and Funshine. - By  Hi-flier     Picture needed
  • Care Bear postcard book.  anistar.GIF (925 bytes)     Picture needed

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