Vintage Electronics 1980-1999

Vintage Electronics 1980-1999
  • Alarm Clock Radio White with blue borders, quartz Am/FM clock radio. Has Good Luck, Friend and Funshine grouped and singing with Tenderheart on a musical staff above them. - By American Greetings
  • Alarm Clock Blue. Wind-up alarm clock with Tenerheart bear catching starts in a net that rocks back and forth as the clock ticks. - By American Greetings 
  • Alarm Clock Blue. Wind-up alarm clock with Cheer and Funshine on a rainbow seesaw. The rainbow rocks back and forth as the clock ticks.  - By American Greetings    
  • AM Radio AM radio with matching headphones (blue). - By  Playtime Products    
  • AM Radio with Tenderheart Bear on it. It has a white handle / strap on it.
  • Cheer Bear Cassette player - blue with yellow cloud and heart knobs to control volume and playing. Has relief of Cheer Bear and says "Feeling Cheerific" . - By American Greetings    
  • Wall Clock 36" quartz wall clock in the shape of a watch with Tenderheart in the center.
  • Braveheart Lion Braveheart Lion radio. 
  • Flashlight Tenderheart on top, holding a red heart (the light comes out of the heart) and he's on top of a cloud. Beneath the cloud, it's blue and says Care Bears. There's a rainbow and friendly stars. - By American Greetings     
  • 13" Share Bear Plush radio- 1986
  • Cheer Bear Radio - hard plastic
  • Care Bear Record Player
  • Share Bear radio - plastic     
  • Bright Heart Raccoon Plush Radio - 1986

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