Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Items
School Supplies
  • Swift Heart Rabbit Crayon
  • Bedtime Bear Marking Pen - head as the cap. - By American Greetings
  • Binder Three ring   with Love-a-lot bear talking on the telephone on the front. Says "On the line and feeling fine!" - By Mead    
  • Funshine Bear three ring binder
  • Spiral Bound Notebook. -  With Friend Bear and Good Luck Bear. It says "Friends Care...Friends share."    
  • Wish Bear spiral notebook
  • Care Bear loose leaf notebook paper
  • Care Bear Class Schedule and Address & Phone Number Insert
  • Care Bear Divider
  • Crayons Birthday Bear on box of 6 crayons. - By American Greetings    
  • Eraser Cap (Bedtime Bear) Solid blue bear. - By Kenner
  • Eraser Cap (Funshine Bear) Solid yellow bear. - By Kenner    
  • Funshine Bear Marking Pen. - By American Greetings    
  • Good Luck Bear Marking Pen. - By American Greetings    
  • Love-a-lot Marking Pen. - By American Greetings    
  • Note Pads Featured various Care Bears on note pads.    
  • Notepad and pencil holder. Looks liek Proud Heart Cat and Playful Heart monkey on it.    
  • Notebook Subject notebook originally made in Canada. Has the original ten Care Bears on back with names in English and French. Front has Tenderheart and Friend Bear.
  • Pee-Chee folder Cheer and Grumpy Bears It says  "Share a smile!". - By Mead    
  • Pee-Chee folder Friend and Bedtime Bear. IT Says "Just passing through!". - By Mead
  • Pee-Chee folder Funshine Bear. It says "It's a funshine day!". -By Mead    
  • Pee-Chee folder Good Luck Bear. "This is my lucky day!". - By Mead
  • Pee-Chee folder Misc Care Bears Pocket folder for school -Ten Care Bears with rainbows, clouds and Care-A-Lot. - By Mead
  • Pee-Chee folder Tenderheart and Friend Bears. It says "Friends forever".- By Mead    
  • Pencil Bag Cloth Pencil bag featuring Care bears. - By American Greetings    
  • Pencil Box    
  • Cheer Bear Scissors
  • Cheer Bear Pencil Sharpener Plastic pencil sharperner 2" tall with bear on cloud.

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