1. This is a list of “mistake” bears and bears created like the Care Bears
  • Mexican Grumpy Bear (has Cheer Bear's symbol)
  • Plastic Heart I Love You Bear
  • Red Patch I Love You Bear
  • Love Bear / This bear looks like it was made with Birthday Bear’s body. They tummy has a smiling sun with pink rays around it. Tag reads Love Bear but does not say Care Bear. Info was from a reader.
  • Love Bear
  • Mistake Birthday Bear
  • Mistake six inch Champ Bear.  Missing his tummy symbol.
  • Mistake Swift Heart Rabbit. Missing his tummy symbol.
  • Mistake Bright Heart Raccoon. Missing his tummy symbol.
  • Mistake Tenderheart.  Tenderheart is a light bluish green color with a red mouth and blue nose.
  • Mistake Wish Bear.  Symbol upside down.
  • Friend Wish.  Friend Bear body with Wish Bear symbol.

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