Vintage Misc. Trinkets 1980-1999

Vintage Misc. Trinkets 1980-1999

  • Cheer Bear trinket box

  • Care Bear trinket box. It has Funshine Bear on it and it is in the shape of a flower. It says" The Nicest things under the sun."

  • Tenderheart and Funshine on a musical spinning pedestal 

  • Care Bear Tin

  • Ornaments
    • Christmas Stocking – Good Luck Bear sitting in a wreath.    
    • Care Bears Door Decoration. Has Bears Decorating a Christmas Tree.    
    • Bedtime Bear  wearing little deer slippers, wearing a night cap and carrying a blanket.    
    • Bedtime Bear sleeping on the moon. Ceramic    
    • Brave Heart Lion holding a crown. 
    • Cheer Bear sitting on a rainbow.
    • Good Luck holding a giant candy cane. This one is ceramic.    
    • Love-A-Lot holding a candy cane and sitting on a drum. This is ceramic.    
    • Tenderheart Ornament. Tenderheart sitting inside a heart shaped wreath.    
    • Tenderheart Ornament. Tenderheart sitting inside a wreath.
    • Wish Bear holding Christmas tree and wearing red ribbon around neck.  This is ceramic.    
    • Wish Bear wearing Ornament (With a red ribbon around her neck.)
    • Christmas Ornament Material Cloth with 2 pre-printed wreaths containing Love-A-Lot in one and Good Luck in the other. This is like the pillow patterns to be sown together and stuffed. - By American Greetings    

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