Stuffed Pillow Dolls - 1980's

Stuffed Pillow Dolls - 1980's
General Information

  1. The pillows were sold on pre printed fabric that had to be cut out in the shape of the bear, stitched together and stuffed.
  2. The pillows were normally approximately eleven inches tall although some were smaller. 
Care Bears
  • Bedtime Bear Six inch / Had a Christmas hat and stocking 19??
  • Bedtime Bear
  • Birthday Bear
  • Cheer Bear Eleven inch 19??
  • Friend Bear Eleven inch 19??
  • Funshine Bear Six inch / Wearing a Christmas had and holding a package 19??
  • Funshine Bear
  • Good luck Bear Eleven inch 19??
  • Grams Bear Eleven inch 19??
  • Grumpy Bear Eleven inch 19??
  • Love-a-lot Bear Six inch / Wearing a Christmas had and holding two ornaments 19??
  • Tenderheart Bear
  • Wish Bear Eleven inch 19??
Care Bear Cousins
  • Brave Heart Lion Eleven inch 19??
  • Gentle Heart Lamb Approximately nine and a half inches tall 19??
  • Loyal Heart Dog Eleven inch 19??
  • Playful Heart Monkey Eleven inch 19??
  • Proud Heart Cat Eleven inch 19??
  • Swift Heart Rabbit Eleven inch 19??
  • Treat Heart Pig Eleven inch 19??


  1. Is this stuff for Sale??

    1. Nope, not for sale. The only things I have for sale right now are located on my for sale page.

  2. where can I get this preprinted fabric

    1. Your best bet is going to be ebay because these fabrics are from the 1980's and not made anymore.